1- Ordering

When an order is placed, Brightpoint’s proprietary global warehouse management system (WMS) instantly determines the customer’s closest ALC based on the inventory in stock. The order is then routed to that ALC.

2- Releasing Order

Orders are prioritized by delivery date and carrier. Our WMS analyzes each order’s details, including the location of every item and the most efficient route through the facility for each item in the order. Instantly, labels and packing slips with the location and routing information depicted in text and barcodes are printed out in the appropriate warehouse zone.

Brightpoint is capable of shipping product at the pallet, full case, or each level within a carton – all within the same facility. Our WMS determines the most economical method and directs the order accordingly. Full-case shipments go directly to Step 7, but pass through the same quality checks as all of our cartons.

3- Carton Size Selection

Our WMS uses an algorithm to determine the right carton size based on the dimensions and number of products to be placed inside, which is both cost-efficient and environmentally responsible. The carton size is also printed on the label.

4- Inventory

Inventory from thousands of manufacturers and suppliers is housed in more than 12 million sq. ft. of space worldwide. In most of our distribution centers, we can quickly customize new space with our information systems and processes to scale up to meet increased customer needs.

5- Carton Labeling

The labels applied to every carton feature barcodes containing information about the product and the quality of items needed for the carton. The labels also bear information that interfaces with our conveyor system to direct the cartons as they move through the ALC. In our larger ALCs, a carton being packed can travel more than 7.5 miles of conveyor system. Scanners on the conveyor read the carton barcodes to direct them to their next stop.

6- Filing The Carton

When a carton stops in a zone, a picker scans the label with a wireless radio frequency (RF) unit that shows the location of the product. Once the product is placed in the carton and confirmed, the RF either directs the picker to another pick in the same zone or tells the picker to place the carton on the conveyor so it can travel to its next stop.

7- Scanning

Whenever a carton is scanned, the WMS updates the order status. We always know what is in each carton at all times, where it is going, and when an order is complete and the carton is on its way to a truck.


8- Getting It Right

Once an order is complete, the carton passes over a scale. Our WMS knows how much each filled carton should weigh within one-sixth of an ounce. If the weight is incorrect, the carton is diverted for a manual check for the contents.

9- Gift Wrapping

Label information may also include instructions for special handling, suck as gift wrapping or printing of personalized gift cards.

10- Kipping it clean

Brightpoint is committed to a sustainable environment and uses recycled paper as packing material to protect the contents prior to shipping

11- The last stop

The last conveyor scan sends each completed order down the correct loading ramp to a truck or shipping container. Each carton is scanned once more to ensure it has reached its correct destination.

Company Beginnings Story

Throughout its history, Brightpoint North America has matched its expertise in identifying the markets and technologies that shape the IT industry with its global distribution and logistics capabilities, demonstrating unparalleled leadership within the information and communications technology (ICT) marketplace.

Brightpoint NA Goes Global


With its success apparent in the United States, the company expanded the reach of its products and services to global markets. By 1993, Brightpoint North America offered its solutions throughout every major region in the world via a series of strategic acquisitions and export operations. This aggressive strategy positioned Brightpoint North America as the world’s largest distributor in 1998, a position still held today.